You get MARKETING AGILITY. You get the ability to zig when your business needs to zig, and to zag when your business needs to zag. You have a turnkey partner who has internalized your mission and objectives, and is at-the-ready to deliver on whatever marketing need just got moved to the front burner.

Hot RFP? I will craft a proposal that sings.

Stale Web Content? I will refresh with highly-relevant / SEO-grabbing goods.

Dynamite Deck Deficiency? I will bring my Powerpoint wizardry to bear. 

Newsletter Numbness? I will create noteworthy content for clickthroughs.

Business Plan Rejiggering? I will rework and map to strategic shifts.

Blogging Burnout? I will post engaging content that reflects a likable brand personality.

New Market Quandary? I will assess the opportunity and distill an actionable approach.

Social Overwhelm? I will put together a plan of posts & promotions. 

So, what's been moved to your front burner, today?
I would like to help.

Let's talk! Send me an email or give me a call, 203.246.9606. We can review your needs, and see if they align with my offering.

If there is a good fit, we can discuss the best approach for working together. Maybe you want to lock in on 12-hours-a-week, but need the flexibility to dial up to 30 hours when things heat up. Or perhaps, you want a more regular schedule. I am open to discussing a creative working relationship that works well for all involved.