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"Jenna gets to the heart and soul of the business while aligning and implementing all the nitty gritty details. Jenna is a dream to work with, easy to talk to, straightforward, creative, happy, skilled and most importantly, a wonderful human being. She has many assets, so it is tough to choose the most important, but I would say her ability to come up with out of the box and creative ways to present and market the business."
David Morgan, Owner Tribute Tunes


"Jenna's skill set is so comprehensive. She is easy to work with and always comes up with unique ideas. Her greatest asset is her ease in understand exactly what you are looking to communicate. She comes up with the perfect image and words for you. Her work is magic."
Tesa Baum, Owner Tesa Baum Hypnotherapy & Reiki

"Jenna is an amazing listener! But, not only does she listen, she processes everything I am saying in real time. She takes notes. She asks great questions. She is truly interested in every little detail about my business and my special approach. The more we talked, the more excited I got about my own work and the opportunities Jenna was about to create with me!
Laura Kaufman, Owner Neatnik Organizing


NOTE: The very talented founders of Hybrid Fitness have moved on in their professional careers. I have kept a copy of their website in my portfolio because it was such an amazing endeavor to craft content for these ground-breaking mental/physical health services.