Gushing Customers are Transformational


My name is Jenna, and I am Customer Gush. I provide local small businesses with a broad range of marketing services including:

Soup-to-Nuts Website Development
Comprehensive Print & Online Copy Creation
Brand Image & Product Positioning
Messaging & Tagline Creation
Sales Deck Development
Social Media Management
Website Graphic Design
Ghost Blogging
Customer Research
Competitive Market Analysis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Customer Story Capture & Crafting

My marketing services are grounded in 23 years of business experience in both micro and macro organizations, and backed by an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Case Western University. When creating marketing content for clients, I am driven by my founding inspiration:

when you have customers who gush about what you do—freely, openly, and frequently
your business becomes virtually unstoppable.

This may seem like a straightforward notion. After all, it's commonplace for customers who gush to be treated like diamonds—they are treasured by businesses and held up to the light as much as possible. I say, why not mine for those gems? Put the goal of attracting and retaining gushing customers at the front end of marketing content creation. And, put tools firmly in place to capture and promote their stories.

Gushing customers can be transformational—especially to resource-constrained small businesses. I would welcome the opportunity to help you become and unstoppable business.